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About Toe Trim

Is your pet moving cautiously?

Do you cringe when you hear tapping or see scratch marks on your expensive floors and trim? 

Are you nervous about trimming your pet's nails?

Toe Trim is a domestic pet nail trimming boutique that can help maintain your pet's nails. As your pet's nails grow, the length can alter the animal's stance and traction. Your pet's long nails can result in their discomfort from an altered structural alignment. This may cause confidence issues due to a lack of foot-grip on surfaces. Property damage, such as scratched floors or snagged blankets, is often an unsightly result of excessively long nails.

New for 2023!

Toe Trim can help make your pet fashionable and trendy as well! Toe Trim offers nail painting services too*! This service can emphasize your personal style or just add some nail color-flare for pet fun.


Toe Trim believes our furry four (and three!) legged friends can be made more comfortable and healthy while preventing damage to people and property. Big or small, Toe Trim can trim almost all. So bring your pet in and let Toe Trim help you and your pet.


*Nail Painting service will be limited to dogs only at this time and can not be done at events.


3187 Derussey Rd, Collins


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