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Toe Tri​m

Pet nail trimming for their comfort, 

your safety, and pretty paws!

Pet Toenail


Toe Trim specializes in domestic pet nail care. 

Using alternate cut lines to recede and maintain quick length, 

Toe Trim is able to help make your pet more comfortable.  


Toe Trim Snippets

Walk-ins Welcome

Toe Trim is open on the first and third Saturdays of each month from 8 AM to 12 PM.  No appointment necessary, just walk in!


Any pet focused event benefits from offering toenail trims for the dogs.  Contact Toe Trim for options and scheduling!

No Forced Tolerance

If your pet will not tolerate their nail trims, there is no charge until they can be desensitized.

Toenail Painting!

Nail painting can now be scheduled! Appointments required.

What Our Customers Say

My dog's nails don't tap on the floor after being trimmed at Toe Trim!

Jamie S. - owner of Duke, chocolate lab, and Lilli, a terrier mix

No more snagged blankets.

Sherry B. - owner of Zeus, a chihuahua

My tripod gets less mobile as her nails grow out. Toe Trim helps maintain her nails so that she can continue to pop around freely and without pain.

Heather S. - owner of Seally, a three-legged coonhound


Open 1st & 3rd Saturday each month

3187 Derussey Rd

Collins  Ohio

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